District 12 - Home of Future Champions

Every tribute to step foot in the Hunger Games must do everything they can to win the battle with their foes.

With just a bit of practice, you could be the next future Champion of the Chemistry Hunger Games! If you are ready to vanquish your foes, then use the resources listed below!

Game Master Astor

Known throughout the land for his cruel exploitation of chemical principles to bend reality and blow the minds of students everywhere. A dangerous entity, this is one individual you do not want to upset during the Chemistry Hunger Games! One wrong move could prove fatal.

To get on his good side, show the world that you are capable of practicing at your highest potential and demonstrate mastery by acing the district assessments. Win the Chemistry Hunger Games and watch your name be immortalized on the Past Champions Wall of Fame.

He's also willing to assist any student in need of supplemental help so don't hesitate to ask him or contact him via twitter @SimonTechHunger

Past Champions Wall of Fame

  • 2012: Jonathan Thompson, Lezze Gonzalez, Britney Moore, Kimberly Trujillo
  • 2013: Karen Sanchez, Joy Velez, Kathy Rodriguez, Henry "Cation" Rodriguez
  • 2014: Trent Nettles, Victor Sosa, Janalee Gomez
  • 2015: TBD

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